Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Western Sydney Peace Group would like to invite you to spend an evening with:


Reflections on a year since his controversial resignation from the Office of National Assessment over Iraqi WMD’s

Monday March 8 – 7:15pm
Rooty Hill Uniting Church
86 Rooty Hill Rd North, Rooty Hill

Andrew Wilkie, a senior intelligence officer with the Office of Nation Assessment, resigned only weeks before the beginning of the war in Iraq in protest over the line the Howard government was taking. He openly criticised their selective use of intelligence to justify war based on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

While the conflict continues, and increasing numbers of civilians and troops are being killed, there are many important questions that need to be addressed:

Why have no weapons of mass destruction been found in Iraq? What was the pre-war intelligence? Why did the government ignore it? Was Saddam an imminent threat? Why was Wilkie punished and personally attacked for speaking out? Has he been vindicated?

Come along and listen to Andrew’s recollections of the past year, and feel free to ask any questions in the public forum.

For more information contact Tim Vollmer on 0404 273 313 or at timothy.k.vollmer@uts.edu.au

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Son of Star Wars 

Come and find out what the “Son of Star Wars” is, what it will do to Australia’s security and what the implications are of increasingly close ties between our military and that of America.

How will it affect our long-term security?
Will it make us a target in a large-scale war?
Will it cause an arms race?
How will the government find the billions of dollars to pay for it, and will our schools and hospitals suffer?
What can you do about it?

Guest speakers: Hannah Middleton and Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Coalition

Monday February 9
7:15pm – 9:30
Rooty Hill Uniting Church – 86 Rooty Hill Rd Nth, Rooty Hill
Coffee and tea provided.

There will also be a brief discussion about future actions and campaigns of the WSPG. We will also be planning how to best publicise the visit of Intelligence Expert Andrew Wilkie to the group on March 8th to remember one year on from his resignation and the beginning of the war.

Please contact me with any enquiries and forward these details to any individuals or groups who may be interested in attending. (timothy.k.vollmer@uts.edu.au
Some information on Anti-War events happening in Sydney

Pennant Hills Peace Group invites you & your friends to the following public forum:
Truth, Justice and Compassion 2004
Where to as conflict in Iraq continues? Where to for refugees?

Participants: Andrew Wilkie
Andrew Wilkie, a senior intelligence officer with the Office of National Assessment, resigned in protest because of the position the Howard government took against Iraq.
Rev Bill Crews
Rev Bill Crews, Minister of the Ashfield Uniting Church, founded the Exodus Foundation in 1986 to assist homeless and abandoned youth and others in need.

Date: Thursday 26 February 2004
Time: Hall opens from 7pm with speakers from 7.30pm sharp
Venue: Pennant Hills Community Centre
Ramsay Rd, Pennant Hills
Pennant Hills Community center is just across Yarrara Road opposite Pennant Hills Railway Station. Parking on site.

Format: Following addresses by our guests we will open the floor for questions. We expect it to be an interesting and thought provoking evening. After the formal part of the evening we invite you to join us for a light supper during which representatives of various organisations will be on hand to discuss the issues.

6pm, Sunday February 15, 2004 @ Clancy Auditorium, University of NSW, Gate 9, High St, Kensington Featuring the screening of John Pilger's new film, 'Breaking the Silence', followed by discussion with JOHN PILGER & ANDREW WILKIE $20 / $10 conc. Bookings, enquiries, phone: 9690 1977, 9211 2600

TROOPS OUT! HOWARD OUT! – END THE OCCUPATION OF IRAQ 11am, Saturday March 20, 2004 Assemble @ Hyde Park North Confirmed speakers: John Pilger, Tariq Ali, Andrew Wilkie Let's keep up the momentum generated throughout Australia in 2003 and mark the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq with this globally synchronised protest to prove that the Australian people have not 'moved on' from the past and present horrors being wrought upon the Iraqi people. INFO: StWCoalition@yahoo.com.au / Nick 0409 762 081 / Luke 0419 135 019 / Bashir 0413 859 060.

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