Sunday, April 18, 2004

Western Sydney Peace Group public forum:


With guest speaker


Wednesday 5th May, 2004
7pm – 9pm
Rooty Hill Uniting Church
86 Rooty Hill Rd North, Rooty Hill

On June 30, the United States and the coalition forces hope to announce the end of the occupation of Iraq by claiming to cede sovereignty to a transitional Iraqi government. There is concern that the transitional government will be effectively be handpicked by the United States.
This process runs counter to the democratic aspirations of the Iraqis. On January 19, 100,000 Iraqis demanded free and direct elections in the biggest demonstrations Iraq has seen since start of the occupation.
Through the transitional government that it will put in place, the US hopes to secure the interests for which it went to war but has been unable to secure as direct occupying powers. Even before the transition can occur, a security agreement which will allow for the continued stay of the Occupation Forces and possibly the installation of US military bases will be made with the Interim Governing Council. By installing a friendly regime, the US hopes to obtain for more international support its effective ongoing occupation in the form of troops or reconstruction grants and loans. Through this regime, the US hopes to implement the privatisation plans which had been stalled because of investors' and insurance companies' reluctance to deal with anyone other than a regime internationally perceived as legitimate and sovereign.

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