Monday, June 07, 2004

Public Forum - Donna Mulhearn: Life in Occupied Iraq 

Monday June 14th – 7pm
Rooty Hill Uniting Church
86 Rooty Hill Rd North, Rooty Hill

After living through the war on Iraq as a human shield, and returning to work with orphaned kids, Donna Mulhearn gives a unique, personal account of life in Iraq under occupation.

Details: 0404 273 313 – timothy.k.vollmer@uts.edu.auwspg.blogspot.com

Donna Mulhearn travelled to Iraq in early 2003 as part of an international team of human shields, to protect humanitarian and civilian targets such as hospitals, food supplies and basic services from attack during the US invasion.

She saw first hand the “shock and awe” campaign of US bombing, she lived through the fall of Saddam, and she experienced the rioting and lawlessness that occurred as the police and military dissolved.

Several months later Donna returned to the war-ravaged country to conduct humanitarian work for the people she had fallen in love with. She worked tirelessly with a team of international volunteers to set up a home for many of Bagdad’s orphans, the silent casualties of two wars and thirteen years of sanctions.

Donna travelled to many parts of the country, carrying medical supplies to areas accessible only to westerners. She experienced first hand the uprising in Fallujah. She was taken hostage by Iraqi freedom fighters (Mujahadeen), and later released. She was fired upon by US snipers and she negotiated safe passage for refugees fleeing the fighting.

Her first hand experiences of everyday life in Iraq for ordinary Iraqi’s, are a unique and valuable insight into the real costs of war. Life for the children who have lost parents, the parents who have lost children, and families who have lost all their earthly possessions, give a new and unique insight missed by the mainstream media.

Donna understands and explains the reality of war, the consequences of violence, and the lasting scars left on the liberated people of Iraq.

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